Voice Over|Audio Production samples.

Gerry Fraiberg is a veteran broadcast journalist, with 20 years of radio news experience. He has voiced many projects, both video and audio. Gerry is the Voice of TrainMasters TV, an online video series on the model railroad hobby.


      1. Gerry Fraiberg Voice Demo

TrainMasters TV - Fall 2016 Promotion

Gerry is the “voice” of the online series from Model Railroad Hobbyist Magazine.

Great Outdoors Colorado - Board Retreat Video

Narration, video edit, music selection, audio mix.

Railway Ties - Ep. 1 "Canada's Freight Train" (Series Pilot)

Voice Over for web series pilot.

Radio Play - Sound Design Sample

Four actors recorded their parts separately on iPhones, sent me the files, and I assembled the final product under the direction of Ian C. Feltham. Sound effects, music and graphics were added. I played the narrator. Type cast.

Run Time: 55 mins.

Town of Greater Napanee - Audio Tour

The Town of Greater Napanee is steeped in history. Narration, interviews, music, ambient sound and sound effects combine to create a rich listening experience in this audio tour.

      2. Napanee Audio Tour